ZPI Overview

Automatic, real-time production line data collection, aggregation, monitoring and reporting system for day-to-day line management and continuous improvement initiatives.

ZPI is a software-based system that lives on a customer’s local area network. It provides in-depth decision-making support for Continuous Improvement initiatives, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) programs, and Six Sigma projects. It also provides day-to-day production management support, and real time line monitoring and alerts to accelerate downtime troubleshooting.

ZPI is a 100% software solution that does not require any proprietary hardware. It is compatible with any PLC or machine control system and it works seamlessly with existing networks.

ZPI accesses, captures, aggregates and stores every signal from every piece of equipment in the production line. If something happens on a production line, ZPI captures it and customers can analyze it.

ZPI provides fact-based answers to critical production line questions:

  • ✔ What?
  • ✔ Where?
  • ✔ When?
  • ✔ How long?
  • ✔ Why?

ZPI supports data collection and reporting for entire production lines from raw materials to palletized finished product.

Entire production processes include all profiled equipment performing ingredient delivery, processing, primary packaging and secondary packaging are is monitored.

If a line component adds value to the production of a finished product, ZPI monitors it.

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